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Breast-feeding: solutions to relieve pain

You have decided to breastfeed your baby: an extraordinary adventure that is sometimes accompanied by some worries ... Boobs engorged and crevasses are the most common and can come to thwart your happiness ... Our advice to soothe these small inconveniences.

Prepare your breasts before the birth of your baby

  • Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it takes time to adjust for you and your baby. Its implementation is not always as easy as it seems, for your breasts in particular. Your nipple is a sensitive part that may be irritated by your baby's repeated suctions.
  • To limit these inconveniences, you can prepare your breasts before giving birth even if it is an absolute weapon against the pains and crevices likely to occur during the first time.
  • To moisturize, soften without drying your nipple, use a soap surgras and regularly massage this area with a cream or oil.

Breast engorgement: good reflexes

  • Classic and temporary phenomenon, engorgement of the breasts is caused by the rise of milk and occurs mostly in the first days after birth. In the early days of getting started, your body produces more milk than your baby needs
  • The breasts are full of milk, tense, painful and hot and you may even have some fever. It does not matter and it will pass quickly. You must continue breastfeeding by putting your baby on the breast as often as he / she wants, keeping breastfeeding long enough to clear your breasts.
  • Your baby may have difficulty taking your nipple and having trouble breastfeeding. To make it easier to breastfeed and relax before breastfeeding, massage your breasts under a hot shower or apply compresses or warm towels.
  • So that your milk is easily distributed within your mammary glands, consider choosing a breastfeeding bra that fits well and does not compress the breast.
  • Some practitioners advise, to empty some breasts, to use a breast pump before feeding. A double-edged board because the breast pump stimulates the production of milk! In addition, some models of breast pumps can accentuate crevices. Before choosing one, get advice from a midwife, lactation consultant.
  • Similarly, the wearing of hulls or breast-feeding cups (devices for collecting the milk that is flowing) compresses the breasts. This promotes milk rise and engorgement. A vicious circle that is best avoided!
  • If red streaks appear on your breasts, accompanied by fever, it is surely a lymphangitis. It is important to continue breastfeeding while going to see your doctor or midwife.

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