10 cool ideas to store your toys

10 cool ideas to store your toys

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Ranger ... what a funny idea! Not sure it comes to the mind of our budding players. To help them, here are some ideas on Pinterest that will give (maybe) a boost when it comes to tidying up their toys.

Karine Ancelet

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10 cool ideas to store your toys (10 pics)

Idea that rolls

Awesome ! Magnetic rails (DIY superstores) to "magnetize" small cars. Pinterest

Like on wheels!

Simple wooden crates to customize according to the desires of your little darlings, roulettes ... and presto! Pinterest

Dream parking

A wooden box, cylinders ... and this is a fun parking lot where he can put his cars. Pinterest

It sways a lot!

A swing for toys, it does not take much space and more is pretty! Pinterest

We play and we tidy up!

A low cabinet with drawer and wheels that also serves as a base for playing ... it does! If the drawer does not have compartments, create them with plywood planks. Pinterest

Smart recycling

A dish rack repainted ... and that's enough to store his books and toys! Pinterest

Smart stool

The books are arranged in a customized wine box, stuck on a stool: the ideal height for your child to catch them ... but also learn to store them alone. Pinterest

Indoor Zoo

This is a great place to store stuffed animals ... a giant cage imagined zoo. Pinterest

Vogue the galère du rangement

A box in which you cut portholes, a wooden handle, a cloth sail ... and here are the soft toys ready for a nice trip! Pinterest

Toys, we find ourselves there!

Take his toys in pictures ... print them and stick them on boxes (here cloth) so that it is found there to sort by type of toys. We can dream (but it can work!). Pinterest